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Worship Resources for World Aids Day (December 1)

December 1 is the date set aside for United Methodist World AIDS Day observances. Be encouraged to pray for those infected with HIV/AIDS throughout the Advent season and throughout the year.

Praying the Prayer Jesus Taught
(Inspired by the Lord's Prayer)

Our Father…
You know me … You know about my HIV/AIDS.

Holy is your name …
Prince of Peace in the storms of rejection
Mighty God in the times of my weakness
Wonderful Counselor in the times of confusion
Everlasting Father in the times of initial and eventual death.

May Your Beloved Community come…
Where poverty will be no more
Where disease will be no more
Where discrimination will be abolished
Where justice will abound.

May Your Will become transparent in our culture…
A culture of intolerance and indifference
A culture of ignorance and fear
A culture of exploitation and destruction
A culture of xenophobia and homophobia.

Set us free to experience Your forgiveness…
For actions taken and not taken
For words said and not said
For limiting your possibility within
For not forgiving self or others.

Lead us from temptation to transformation
The temptation of war
The temptation of haughtiness
The temptation of ethnocentrism
The temptation of supremacy.

Provide us with the bounty of health
The food pyramid, not the politics of food
Acceptance, accessibility, and equality
Love, hope and, faith
Compassion, justice, and peace.

You deserve glory and honor
For loving me with my HIV/AIDS
For making medications possible through research and science
For the experience of comfort from friends, family, and caregivers
For having prepared a place for me in Abba Father's house.

AMEN for the breath I breathe.
AMEN for Your eternal breath.

God Inside of Me

(Inspired by brothers and sisters who allow God to shine through them in the locations mentioned.)

In the village of Rhobonge and Gulu Town in Uganda
Where AIDS has killed all our parents and grandparents
I can sing, "inimara": God still loves me so much
God Inside of me!

In east Oakland
Where we are in a state of emergency because of HIV/AIDS
Where politics affects efforts for prevention
God inside of me!

In the slum of Kibera in Nairobi
Where 700,000 of us live along a railroad track without sanitation
Drugs, sex, and violence are a trinity; still, I trust in Triune God
God inside of me!

In the Favella in Rio
Where everyday is a living hell and survival is my middle name
I call on the name of the One who took the keys of hell
God inside of me!

In the township of Langa in South Africa
Where I'm still walking my long walk to economic freedom
I am because God is …
God inside of me!

In the garbage dumps in Port-au-Prince
Where our greatest wealth is our poverty
I know where my help comes from
God inside of me!

In the streets of Gaza in Palestine
Where rocks and suicide bombs overshadow my plight
I will stand on the rock of my salvation and light
God Inside of me!

God inside of me: redefines my identity!
Restores my dignity!
Renews my ability!
Redirects my destiny! Amen.

I am Lazarus
(Inspired by Luke 16: 19-31)

I am Lazarus.
Can you see me, sores and all?
Can you hear me, callin' at all?
Can you be with me, beggin' and all?

I am Lazarus. I live with HIV/AIDS.
I am not invisible.
I am not unapproachable.

I am Lazarus. I live with HIV/AIDS.
I am loveable.
I am acceptable.

I am Lazarus.
I am possible.
I am available.
I am reachable.

I am Lazarus.
I can see you now.
I can hear you now.
I can be with you now.

I am Lazarus.
I live with HIV/AIDS.

Take Away the Stone, Take Off the Bandages
(Inspired by John 11: 17-44)

Dead in the grave
Smellin' in the cave
Bandages to wrap me
A Stone to cover me.

Death sentence by a killer disease
Positive diagnosis
Negative consequences
Death sentence by chronic dis-ease.

Called out from the depths of my grave
Called out from the depths of my cave
Called out from the depths of my pain
Called out from the depths of my strain

Jesus showed up.
I'm getting up.
Jesus showed out.
I'm getting out.

Jesus shed tears.
I'm overcommin' my fears.
Jesus, Jesus wept and cried.
I'm kept, not denied.

I can live positive.
I can live productive.
I can live constructive.
I can live positive.

Unwrap my guilt.
Loose me for forgiveness.
Unwrap my regret.
Loose me for growth.

Resurrection from my grave.
Reconciliation from the cave.
Restoration is my destination.
Recognition is my ammunition.

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About the Author: Kelvin Sauls previously served on the staff of Discipleship Ministries.