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Worship Resources for the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the March on Washington, August 28, 1963

Services and Prayers

A Call to Justice and Mercy

Let Us Speak of Mercy and Justice

The Making of a Prophet

Remembering the Dream

Call to Worship: Gather to me my faithful ones

We Have a Testimony

Gathering Meditation “Trust in God”

Litany for Children: We Will Gather the Children and Love Them

One Day

Who Knows the Way to Freedom?

Justice for All Litany

Let Justice Roll on like a River

Prayer for National Leaders

Disturb the City!

Let My People Go

We Are Strong and Brave

Lord, Show Us Your Steadfast Love

Music Resources

Discipleship Ministries Website

“Beloved Child, Beloved Community”

Come, Let Us Dream”

Here Where Dreams Are MoreThan Visions”

“I Have a Dream”

“The Busses Are A-comin’”

“I’m Gonna March If the Spirit Says, March”

United Methodist Hymnal

178, Hope of the world
428, For the healing of the nations
434, Cuando el pobre (When the poor ones)
441, What does the Lord require
448, Go down, Moses
474, Precious Lord, take my hand
519, Lift every voice and sing
533, We shall overcome
555, Forward through the ages
586, Let my people seek their freedom
730, O day of God, draw nigh
729, O day of peace that dimly shines
733, Marching to Zion

The Faith We Sing

2082, Woke up this morning
2107, Wade in the water
2172, We are called
2174, What does the Lord require of you
2190, Bring forth the kingdom
2192, Freedom is coming
2194, O freedom!
2219, Goodness is stronger than evil
2235, Siyahamba (We are marching in the light of God)

Upper Room Worshipbook

18, Canticle of the turning
58, All are welcome
139, We’re Marching to Zion
140, O day of peace
144, Rain down
159, Prayer for healing community
162, Healing river
174, Song of shalom
177, Till all the jails are empty
415, Come now, O Prince of Peace (O-so-so)
419, Peace is flowing like a river
436, Goodness is stronger than evil
437, If you believe and I believe

Worship & Song (Worship Resources)

20, Sisters and brothers, let us claim the freedom
22, From Bethlehem to Nazareth
72, Loving God, who speaks to us
73, We come broken
90, You asked for my hands
160, What does the Lord require of you
161, Sisters and brothers, we are not dismissed
179, From the cowardice that does not face new truths
180, Lord, give to all those people who have authority
181, O God, our sacred source, call us home
182, Lord, prevent us from falling into the sin
183, Lord, in these times, when we fear
189, God of restoration and renewal
209, O God, you have come in Jesus Christ

Worship & Song (Music)

3032, Across the Lands
3047, God almighty, we are waiting
3104, Amazing grace (my chains are gone)
3113, A wilderness wandering people
3114, Come to the water
3120, Amazing abundance
3121, If you believe and I believe
3122, Christ has broken down the wall
3123, Here is peace
3124, How shall I come before the Lord
3125, Peace for the children
3126, Everything that has voice
3127, “I have a dream,” a man once said
3149, A place at the table
3150, Father, we have heard you calling
3157, Come, let us dream

Zion Still Sings

102, World without walls
104, Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me ‘round
105, Woke up this morning
106, We shall overcome
107, Freedom afterwhile
109, O freedom
110, Freedom is coming
111, Siyahamba (We are singing)
113, Lift every voice and sing
123, Victory is mine
189, Wade in the water