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Worship Guidelines 2017-2020 CoverThe worship ministry of the local church is often the first, if not only, entry point for people seeking to establish a relationship with God in a Christian community. The ways in which we worship and honor God set a tone for the overall ministry of the church. This Guidelines booklet is designed to help implement and guide the work of the ministry area.These additional resources are referenced in the booklet. 

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Copyright and Licensing Information

[Guidelines, page 21]
The Copyright Act of 1976 prohibits the unauthorized reproduction, performance, distribution, or rebroadcast of copyrighted materials by any means. Churches are not exempt from this law under any circumstances. Fair Use provisions that apply to educational institutions do not apply to churches or other religious organizations.

Piano Accompaniment Recordings

[Guidelines, page 23]
These piano accompaniments of familiar hymns are provided as free downloads as a joint project of Discipleship Ministries and United Methodist Communications. They are intended to provide accompaniments for congregational singing for churches unable to provide accompaniment for singing.

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