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Why Coaching?

Why should I have a coach?

One of the proven ways to increase the probability of success for your ministry is to partner with a trained, experienced coach to support you in your church planting endeavor. We suggest that you visit Hire a Path 1 Coach, where you'll learn some of the most important reasons new churches need Path 1 Coaches.

What is the process for becoming a Path 1 Coach?

Find more information about the recommendation process and requirements here.

Who determines whether someone becomes a Path 1 Coach?

Great question. We have Recommended Coaches who work closely in mentoring and evaluating potential Path 1 Coaches. We understand the significant investment and risk that districts and judicatories undertake when starting new churches and we want to give them the best possible support available. Drawing on years of experience in a wide variety of contexts, we have put together a process that we believe yields superior results.

Why have Recommended Coaches?

Path 1 Recommended Coaches provide inexperienced new church start coaches excellent guidance and support. New Church Coaching, as a craft, benefits from apprenticing, and by the end of the apprenticing period, a prospective Path 1 Coach will have:

  • Experienced 5 hours of coaching calls/live coaching with planters (with debrief by Mentor Coach)
  • Participated in an on-site assessment of a church plant
  • Facilitated a new church stakeholder meeting

Upon request, and at the direction of Path 1 Coaching Network Director, Phil Maynard, Recommended Coaches may also provide customized training solutions to meet Annual Conference needs.

Why bother getting recommended?

If you seek to coach new church starts, you will find our recommendation process to be a way of ensuring your effectiveness. More than training, it is an interactive experience that enables you to learn and receive feedback that improves your effectiveness and sharpens your abilities.

What if I still don't see answers to my coaching questions?

Please contact Path 1 Coaching Network Director Phil Maynard.

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