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Who Are Our Single Adults?

Here is a list of single adults who may be in your community or congregation. Can you think of others? How might your congregation be in ministry with some of these groups of individuals?

Always been single

Single again due to divorce

Single again due to death



Part-time workers

Undergraduate students

Persons enrolled in trade school

Community college students

Graduate students

Young professionals

Single parents with children under 18

Single parents with children over 18

Separated singles

Recently divorced

Widowed singles

Widowed, but do not consider themselves single

Financially troubled singles

Financially secure singles

Homeless singles


Unemployed singles

Underemployed singles

Singles who choose to be single

Singles who do not want to be single

Singles with emotional/mental problems

Singles with physical disabilities

Singles caring for parents/relatives

Single adults approaching retirement

Singles who have living partners

Singles who live alone

Homosexual singles raising their children

Single adults who want biological children

Single adults who have always been single but have adopted children

Young singles

Older singles

Singles in military service

Engaged persons

Married persons who live as singles:
(spouses of prisoners, spouses of partners who are ill living elsewhere, spouses of those who travel extensively, etc.)

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