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When Recruiting, Don't Forget Singles

The number of single adults in society and in our churches is growing. Still some churches fail to recognize the potential for ministry that single adults offer. Single adults fall into several categories, and any or all that attend church are potential leaders in ministry. Singles may have never married; or they may be divorced or widowed. When involving single parents in church leadership, consider their specific childcare and financial concerns — as well as the day and times meetings are scheduled.

As leaders and members of your faith community, single adults desire:

  • a sense of belonging;
  • knowledge that God loves them;
  • acceptance by the church;
  • growth as Christian disciples;
  • full participation in church life;
  • genuine friendships and support networks;
  • leadership roles in the church; and
  • a way to address the needs of others.

As leaders in your church, single adults have the opportunity to share their vision for ministry. They can also share special needs and concerns that may be overlooked by married leaders.

If ministry is directed only to married people, we are ignoring nearly one half of our adult population. As the church seeks to meet the challenges of a new century, we must widen our perspective of ministry and gain insight and understanding into the needs and concerns of single adults.

This article first appeared as a "Coordination and Recruitment" Idea Mart in the February-March 2000 issue of Interpreter magazine (published by United Methodist Communications). It is used by permission.

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