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When I Am Like a Wayward Lamb: Gathering Meditation

(Option: Instruments playing "Savior like a Shepherd, Lead Us" softly in the background as this meditation is shared.
Close with congregational singing of the refrain.)

On days,
When I am like a wayward lamb,
Bent and intent on finding my own pasture,
Lead me
In the Way that leads to Righteousness.

On days,
That I feel helpless and defenseless
Remind me that you still have the Shepherd's rod
And that I am not alone.

When I walk through the valley,
Or, stand in the presence
Of those who wish me harm,
Pour the precious oil of your Spirit over me
And cause me to shine with your presence.

Lead me, Blessed Jesus
And allow me to know your goodness and mercy all the days of my life.

"Blessed Jesus, Blessed Jesus
Hear, o hear us when we pray"

"Savior, Like a Shepherd, Lead Us" #381 United Methodist Hymnal
-- attributed to Dorothy A. Thrupp, 1836