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What Does It Mean To Have It All (Glenrock)

Tune: Glenrock


Among the repertoire of hymn texts and tunes written by teams of Methodist clergy, such as, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, we can now add this new hymn by a pair of United Methodist pastors. This is one of the first two hymn collaborations by this author and composer duo.

What Does It Mean to Have It All (Sibelius format)
What Does It Mean to Have It All (PDF format)


John Middleton is a retired United Methodist pastor and former district superintendent, who --  like Fred Pratt Green --  did not start writing hymn texts until after his retirement. John Middleton's e-mail address is [email protected].

Daniel Charles Damon's photo, biography, contact information and links to additional songs and choral music are available on the Discipleship Ministries website.

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