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Wade in the Water/Go Down, Moses

Words & Music: African American spiritual

These two songs are partnered together so the choruses of each may be sung together. Regardless of the fact that this is written between Soprano/Alto and Tenor/Bass, there are numerous ways to pair the singing of these songs together. It is recommended to sing both spirituals individually ("Wade in the Water" can be found in The Faith We Sing, and "Go Down, Moses" is in The United Methodist Hymnal), then combine the choruses together to finish its singing. Divide the congregation and choir in half, and invite one side of the seating to sing one chorus, with the other side singing the other chorus. Sing them with a slow swing, making sure not to go too fast. The ideal accompaniment is piano or organ, although percussion and rhythm section could also be added.

Wade in the Water / Go Down, Moses [Sibelius]

Wade in the Water / Go Down, Moses [PDF]

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