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Unclean of Life and Heart Unclean

Text: Ms. Matthew, mid-1760s
Music: tune, JERUSALEM, Charles Hubert Hastings Parry, 1916 (1848-1918)
Scripture: Matthew 9:20-21
Topics: sin, salvation, sanctification, healing, grace, righteousness

This remarkable text was composed by Ms. Matthew, a mid-1760s contemporary of the Wesleys. It was published posthumously in Poetical Words of John and Charles Wesley, vol. X. London: 1868-1872, pp. 224-5. Charles Hubert Hastings Parry was professor of composition and music history at the Royal College of Music in 1883 and director in 1894. He was a gifted lecturer and authored several textbooks and reference works, including volume 2 of The Oxford History of Music, 1902. He composed five symphonies, an opera, cantatas, organ works, and many hymn tunes. (Source: Carlton Young, The Companion to The United Methodist Hymnal, Abingdon Press, 1993.)

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