Tuesday Tea with Melanie (August)


DATE: Tuesday, August 15, 2017
TIME: 11:30am CST
PRESENTERS: Melanie C. Gordon

Tuesday Tea with Melanie is a webinar series focused on embracing children and families as part of the disciple-making process in local congregations. The series opens up the enlivening questions at the center of children’s faith formation: Will our children have faith? How do we help children grow in faith? We gather experts to explore these questions in their complexity as they impact the lives of children and families in the digital age.

Tuesday Tea’s participants create online communities that connect them to others engaged in ministry with children, equipping them to communicate in fresh, new ways to different others, and inspires them to more fully engage children and families in the life of the Church.

Pour a cup of tea and join us on the following Tuesdays for rich and impactful conversation.


Note: the recording will be made available in our webinar archives for those who cannot attend the webinar live.

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