The United Methodist Marriage & Family Ministry Directory

Updated December 2017
by Jane P. Ives

The United Methodist Marriage & Family Ministry Directory is a listing of persons who can provide leadership, training, and/or consultation for strengthening a church's ministries with couples and families. Our vision is for each home to become a "haven of blessing and peace" in which individuals are nourished to grow to their full potential. You may call on us for leadership and/or consultation for strengthening your ministries to couples and families. Most of us are United Methodist, but a few from other denominations have been included because of their experience with and willingness to work with United Methodists. New names will be added as information comes to us. Persons within the same or neighboring annual conferences could explore opportunities to work together to strengthen marriage and family ministries in their area.

I also maintain a separate list of persons interested in marriage ministries who do not consider themselves leaders or resource persons - or who do not want to receive requests at this time, but do want to know more about marriage and family ministries in our church. 

An alphabetical list at the end of this document provides contact information for the programs and organizations named herein. Two of these, Better Marriages and Marriage Encounter/Engaged Encounter United Methodist, historically have had a working relationship with Discipleship Ministries. Others have been recommended by various United Methodist individuals and/or churches. 

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