The Second Coming

by The Rev. Delana Taylor McNac
For the First Sunday of Advent
Based on Isaiah 64: 1-9 and Mark 13: 24-37

Clouds boiling in the middle of the day,
a great light emanating from the center.
Razors of lightening zigzag around and around the perimeter.
There is an eerie stillness below us; the trees hold their breath.
Birds and animals are still, focused on the horizon, hearts fluttering.

It is time.

Hearts leap in anticipation of the trumpet call.
Terrifying in its intensity, it comes,
growing louder and louder -- echoes of a primal scream -- the cry of the martyr,
the victimized, the oppressed, the suffering, the despairing.

Justice is coming to take back the power from the Evil One.
All heads bow, some in submission and respect, some in fear.
All bow in anticipation of the coming of the Mighty One, the Holy God.
Knees quake and give way, faces fall to the ground.

The Rev. Delana Taylor McNac is a member of the Cherokee Nation. She is an ordained deacon appointed as a hospice chaplain and a member of the Haikey Chapel UMC in Bixby, Oklahoma.

Copyright 2009 © Delana Taylor McNac. Used by Permission. Reproduction granted for use in church worship services. Any further use beyond worship services must be with permission from the author.

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