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The Master Needs Your Donkey: A Prayer of Confession for Palm Sunday

Lord, we are too nervous to ask for help from one another.
The Master needs your donkey, but we're afraid to ask.

Lord, we are afraid to give you what you ask.
Help us realize that what we have is just a gift from you.

Lord we are too proud to lay our cares before you.
Help us to lay our cloaks on the colt, on the road, on your way.

Lord, we have been quiet in our praise,
our shouts of Hosanna sound like mice whispering.
Put palms in our hands; help us in grace to stand.

Lord, we have looked from the pinnacle of the temple,
craving, protecting, and manipulating power.
We have told you time and time again,
make the crowds pipe down!
Break our hearts of stone; let us see your steadfast love,
and bring forth your Kingdom in this place.

Lord, forgive us for what we have not asked;
forgive us for what we have asked that was not needed,
for what we have kept that was needed,
and for what we have given that was unjust.

Words of Assurance

Hear the Good News.
Christ came riding a donkey of peace and reconciliation,
not a charging war horse of judgment.

In the name of Jesus Christ, you are forgiven.

In the name of Jesus Christ you are forgiven.

Glory to God, Amen.

The Rev. Nathan Decker is the pastor of the South Sussex Charge of the Petersburg District of the Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Nathan has great love for the diversity and inspiration of God's creative nature in worship.

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