The S.A.G.E. Newsletter (Fall 2015)

Spiritually Aging Gracefully Empowered

The S.A.G.E. — Spiritually Aging Gracefully Empowered

The Fall 2015 S.A.G.E. newsletter addresses caregiver support. It offers specifics about programs where church leaders have discovered the joy of taking care of caregivers. It offers support for understanding the struggles caregivers face in caring for a mostly older-adult population.

Please read the articles of the fall issue of the S.A.G.E. with these questions in mind: (1) Who in my church is experiencing caregiver (or compassion) fatigue and needs spiritual support? (2) What needs do caregivers experience and how can my church fill these needs? (3) Who in my church’s neighborhood is a caregiver? (4) What resources are available to help our ministry of support to caregivers? The answers to these questions will give you an outline of where you can minister to Christ by ministering to caregivers. 

This issue contains the following articles and more: 

  1. Caregivers Need Support by the Rev. Dr. William Randolph
  2. Don't Go Solo: Alzheimer's Caregivers Need Church Support by Tracy Keibler
  3. Reframing Caregiving by Elizabeth Young
  4. Holy Interruptions: A Call to Care by Pat Brandenstein
  5. Wholly & Holy Different by Dr. Rich Melheim
  6. Respite Care at Grace Arbor by the Rev. Dr. William Randolph
  7. Report from the Committee on Older Adult Ministries by the Rev. Dr. William Randolph

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