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¿Tengo el llamado para fundar iglesias?

Start with our assessments for discerning to see if you have gifts and graces in common with many church planters. If you want us to share the results of your assessments with your annual conference, please indicate that permission when you take the quizzes. We encourage you to contact the person responsible for congregational development within your annual conference, and also your district superintendent, to let them know of your interest.

These assessments are one step in a process that may lead you to find your calling to be a church planter, to serve a new congregation as a team member, or to support church planting in your area in other ways.

Church Planting Residency

Our newest opportunity for exploring a calling to plant involves a one-year church planting residency, in which prospective planters will learn from high-impact churches in preparation for planting new congregations.

Lay Missionary Planting Network

The Lay Missionary Planting Network allows people to explore a calling for church planting while learning about the seasons and leadership needs of new congregations. Learn more about the networks here.

New Church Leadership Institutes

New Church Leadership Institutes also help people Find their place in church planting. Our Events Calendar offers more information about these training opportunities

High-Potential Planter Traits

This description of some traits of high-potential planters may be helpful, too.

DOWNLOAD Características de las personas con alto potencial para fundar iglesias (Spanish) [PDF]

Still have questions about being a planter? Please contact [email protected] and one of the Path 1 staff can help you.

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