TeamWorks: Futurecasting

Guidebook 4
by Craig Kennet Miller

TeamWorks: Tools for Creating Vital Faith Communities - Futurecasting book cover

Each TeamWorks Guidebook is designed to lead your team through a series of conversations about creating vital ministry in your church. Each TeamWorks guidebook includes two seminars, four MyWork personal devotions, and TeamWorks tools. You can choose to do one of them or all four. 

TeamWorks: Futurecasting provides church leaders with powerful planning tools to move their church into the future. Learn how to use the powerful VAP-IT Planning Tool. Use the TeamWorks Church Assessment to plan for the future.

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If you decide to do all four it is suggested you do TeamWorks: Spiritual Life of the Leaders first, followed by TeamWorks: Connecting with Your Community. Next do TeamWorks: Creating a Discipleship System and finish with TeamWorks: Futurecasting. Each guidebook is $7.50. Be sure to order enough copies for each person who will be participating. The guidebooks are only available through Amazon.

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