Targeting Spiritual But Not Religious, Nones, and Unaffiliated Baby Boomers and Older Adults

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DATE RECORDED : Friday, February 3, 2017
DURATION: 58 min
PRESENTER: Will Randolph, Director of Aging and Older Adult Ministries

In the past 25 years, there has been a sharp uptick in the numbers of Baby Boomer reporting in surveys like Pew Research that they are, “Spiritual but Not Religious (hereafter SBNR).” While there are various reasons for claiming this identity, one common characteristic is the distinction drawn between on one hand of being spiritual and free to choose their own spiritual paths and on the other hand being a part of a faith community and being religious. Often, the church has misunderstood this distinction and group, so the reaction has been to ignore or condemn the SBNR’s rather than to understand or target them in our programs, spiritual formation, and evangelism.

Centering upon available surveys of SBNR’s and first person accounts, plus the work of several groups who have successfully engaged them, this webinar assesses several strategies for engagement, recruitment, and evangelism of this group. This webinar also strives to answer the essential question: “What do SBNR Boomers offer the church and what does the church offer these Boomers?” It will also spotlight some spiritual practices as tools for the church to engage with unchurched and disaffected SBNR Boomers.

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