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Supplemental Resources for Services of Ordination, Commissioning, and Consecration

The following is a list of mostly musical resources for services of ordination, commissioning, and consecration from The United Methodist Hymnal, The United Methodist Book of Worship, and The Faith We Sing, intended to supplement the listing of hymns in Services for the Ordering of Ministry in The United Methodist Church."Some of these titles, although listed together, are most appropriate as opening or closing hymns, processional or recessional hymns, prayer hymns, hymns of response; or they may be used for other sections of these special services. Organists, instrumentalists, and choir directors will be able to select other appropriate music that is based upon arrangements of these hymns and songs.

Additional hymns from The United Methodist Hymnal:
587, Bless Thou the Gifts
566, Blest Be the Dear Uniting Love
660, God Is Here
577, God of Grace and God of Glory
465, Holy Spirit, Truth Divine
463, Lord Speak to Me
114, Many Gifts, One Spirit
497, Send Me, Lord
393, Spirit of the Living God
415, Take Up Thy Cross
545/546, The Church's One Foundation
383, This Is a Day of New Beginnings
68, When in Our Music God Is Glorified

Hymns and Songs from The Faith We Sing
2245, A Hymn for Deacons
2237, As a Fire Is Meant for Burning
2166, Christ Beside Me
2133, Give Me a Clean Heart
2239, Go Ye, Go Ye into the World
2238, In the Midst of New Dimensions
2221, In Unity We Lift Our Song
2234, Lead On, O Cloud of Presence
2171, Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
2166, Christ Beside Me (St. Patrick's Breastplate)
2222, The Servant Song
2241, The Spirit Sends Us Forth to Serve
2130, The Summons
2242, Walk with Me
2243, We All Are One in Mission
2227, We Are the Body of Christ
2130, Will You Come and Follow Me
2245, Within the Day-to-Day

Non-Musical Resources from The United Methodist Hymnal:
607, A Covenant Prayer in the Wesleyan Tradition
705, For Direction
392, Prayer for a New Heart
570, Prayer of Ignatius of Loyola
481, Prayer of St. Francis

From The United Methodist Book of Worship:
223, O Holy Spirit (See page 746 for required copyright acknowledgement).

Dean B. McIntyre ([email protected]) is the director of music resources for the Discipleship Ministries.

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