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Singing the Scriptures: Pentecost

Words and Music by John Ridgway Walker
Scripture: Psalm 104, Acts 2
Topics: Pentecost, Church, Tongues

Composer John Ridgway Walker has composed music to be sung for Pentecost and the season following if desired. He includes:

Pentecost -- Full SATB score with divisi and organ (incorporates Psalm 104:24 in various languages that approximates singing in tongues. The simpler congregational/choir dialogue score uses less of that in a much simpler way.) [pdf]

Pentecost -- Congregational & unison choir score that uses those two bodies in dialogue (pdf)

Pentecost -- Lyrics Sheet (pdf)

Pentecost -- Mp3 audio file of the unison version (mp3)

You are invited to view additional Walker compositions at www.forestrefugemusicstudio.com/singing_the_scriptures. For much of Walker's music, as the composer writes, "there is a conversational aspect to the whole set which may involve a contemporary worship group, a traditional choir, a 'cantor/liturgist/soloist,' and the congregation. It is this participatory conversation which is at the heart of this 'Singing the Scriptures' approach. My hope is that this will be an effective way to undergird the linkage between the selected lectionary scripture and will bring the homily focus to the lips of the people in a way that keeps them singing the sermon all week!"