Sing Praise For Faithful Women From Scripture And Throughout History

Sing Praise for Faithful Women from Scripture and Throughout History, is a collection of forty-two hymn texts and recommended tunes by hymn writer Edith Sinclair Downing. The texts recall not only the women of the Bible, but also important women who have struggled for equality and justice throughout history — Joan of Arc, Perpetua, Harriet Tubman, Dorothy Day, Maggie Kuhn, and Corretta Scott King.

Edith Sinclair Downing earned a masters degrees in religious education at The University of Chicago and in theological studies with a major in worship from Trinity Lutheran Seminary. She has been an active church musician, directing choirs and serving as organist. She did not begin writing hymns until her late sixties and has gone on to publish several collections with major publishers of hymns as well as contributing texts to numerous hymnals. Now in her mid-eighties, Edith continues to write hymns and play the organ in her church. She is a distinguished member of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada.

Edith Sinclair Downing is the author of Sing Praise for Faithful Women from Scripture and Throughout History: A Collection of Hymns by Edith Sinclair Downing. Her photo, biography, contact information and links to additional songs and choral music are available on the Discipleship Ministries website.


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  1. A Ray of Hope for Those Oppressed (Sojourner Truth)
  2. Come, Let Us Honor Esther
  3. Come, Sing the Joy of Miriam
  4. Could It Be that God Remembered (Sarah)
  5. For Rosa Parks, Sing Praises
  6. For This Young Woman's Selfless Gift (Etty Hillesum)
  7. Hail Hannah, Full of Patience
  8. Hear Now the Voice of Deborah
  9. I Dared to Go to Simon's House
  10. Julia Ward Howe, You Helped Our World's Great Need
  11. Lament for Jephthah's Daughter
  12. Let Us Remember Hagar
  13. Mysterious Mary Magdalene
  14. Perpetua, the Martyr
  15. Praise God for Joan of Arc
  16. Praise Rebecca, Our Foremother
  17. Reflect Upon Naomi's Plight
  18. Remember Faithful Rahab
  19. Remembering Coretta King
  20. Revere Now Leah, Steadfast One
  21. Sing Praise for Hebrew Midwives
  22. Sing Praise for Susan Anthony
  23. Sing We Now of Eve, First Woman
  24. Uplifter of the Poor, Disciple Dorothy Day
  25. We Honor Harriet Tubman
  26. We Mourn for Daughter Dinah
  27. We Now Remember Michal
  28. We Praise the Faithful Widow
  29. We Remember Faithful Anna
  30. We Remember Mary
  31. We Sing of Gomer, Wanton One
  32. We Sing of Loyal Lydia
  33. We Sing of Ruth, the Faithful
  34. We Sing Our Praise of Hildegard
  35. We Sing to Honor Rachel's Gift (Rachel Corrie, martyr for peace, 1979-2003)
  36. When Faithful King Josiah (Huldah)
  37. When Jesus, Worn from Doing Good
  38. When Mary Hears the Angel's News
  39. When She Heard Jesus Was to Come
  40. With Courage Tamar Acted
  41. With Grateful Hearts for Maggie Kuhn
  42. With Joy We Honor Abigail


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