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Sexuality: What Does It Really Mean?

Sometimes we think sexuality is about sex only — about what people do when their clothes are off. If we happen to stray from that particular perspective, then our next thought might go to issues related to gender and sexual preference. Although these topics are part of the discussion, much of what sexuality is about actually has to do with what we do when our clothes are on. That is to say, sexuality is about who we are as whole beings made in the image of God. Sexuality is woven into who we are as spiritual beings.

Our sense of who we are and whose we are is reflected in the myriad ways we express ourselves and where we are in our life journey. Some questions that might guide us in assessing our sexuality are:

  • How comfortable are we in our skin?
  • Does our language and behavior reflect who we are?
  • What seems to influence us as we develop and grow?

We wear our sexuality each day when we wake up and decide what to wear, what to eat, whom we will allow in our space, or who challenges us to be who we want to be. Just as we express our faith in the words we speak and in the ways we act, we are also wearing who we are as sexual beings. There is a direct relationship between sexuality and spirituality. Wearing our sexuality and spirituality comfortably is a reflection of who we are at the core. It is our identity.

Understanding that we are made in the image of God is both an awesome and a difficult realization. We have forgotten how incredible this understanding is. Honoring self is honoring God. Loving self is loving God. When we say, as Jesus said, "love your neighbor as yourself," we understand how profound being made in the image of God is. There is great freedom in this message. The connection is made. We are caring for God's creation. This is spiritual.

We struggle to honor who we are. We do not care for our whole beings as God has intended. We are not helping creation continue. How sad. Tend to the details of honoring self, and we are honoring God. We are not alone. That is profound.

As we continue on our life journey, we work at both expressing who we are at the core and who makes us who we are. This connects sexuality to spirituality. We can then understand and accept that we are profoundly connected to God's glorious creation.

Soozung Sa previously served on the staff of the Discipleship Ministries.

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