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Set Free from the Fall

Words by Nickolas Campbell, 2014
Music: tune, HANOVER, attr. William Croft, 1708
Scripture References: Genesis 2:9; John 8:12; Romans 5:9; Revelation 2:7
Topical References: grace; God's love; sin

United Methodist pastor and hymn writer Nickolas Campbell writes of this text, "One of the inspirations for this hymn is John Wesley's sermon, "The Spirit of Bondage and Adoption." Wesley contrasts the "natural man" with the person under the law, and finally the person under grace. The person under grace loves God, walks by the light of heaven, has the peace of God, and is more than a conqueror of sin."

"Set Free from the Fall" (Sibelius)

"Set Free from the Fall" (pdf)

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