Service in Celebration of Women in Ministry

This worship service was used during the final week of Women's History Month at the weekly chapel service in The Upper Room Chapel at Discipleship Ministries in Nashville in March 2006. It was approximately 30 minutes in length. It could be amplified with Scripture, offering, sermon, and so on and could serve as a Sunday morning worship service or as a hymn festival. The service may be adapted and reproduced for your own local setting and may be reproduced without permission required.

Copyright does not allow us to reproduce the English translations of the five readings by Jeanne Guyon (1648-1717) used in this service, but they may be found on pages 65, 71, 75, 78, and 82 of the book, Under Her Wings: Spiritual Guidance form Women Saints, by Kathy Bence (Nashville: Upper Room Books, 2001). All the readings and most of the hymns and songs were written by women.

Abbreviations key:
UMH = The United Methodist Hymnal
TFWS = The Faith We Sing

• •••

A Service in Celebration of Women in Ministry
+ Please stand as you are able.
The service will proceed without announcement.

Leader: Like the sun that is far away and yet close at hand to warm us, so God's Spirit is ever present and around us.

ALL: Come, Creator, into our lives.

Leader: We live and move and have our very being in you.

ALL: Open now the windows of our souls. Amen.

+ SONG: "We All Are One in Mission,"The Faith We Sing, 2243

READING 1: From the Shallows to the Depths
TFWS 2128, "Come and Find the Quiet Center" (1)
UMH 405, "Seek Ye First" (1, 2)

READING 2: Internal and External
TFWS 2214, "Lead Me, Guide Me"
UMH 349, "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"


READING 3: Mary or Martha Lifestyle?
UMH 381, "Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us"(1)
TFWS 2133, "Give Me a Clean Heart"

READING 4: Why Do You Come?
TFWS 2068, "I Love You, Lord"
UMH 334, "Sweet, Sweet Spirit"

READING 5: Come As a Weak Child
UMH 142, "If Thou but Suffer God to Guide Thee" (1,2)
TFWS 2203, "In His Time" (1, 2)

+ CLOSING PRAYER: "For True Life"
Govern all by your wisdom, O Lord,
so that my soul may always be serving you,
as you will and not as I may choose.
Do not punish me, I implore,
by granting that which I wish or ask,
if it offends your love, which would always live in me.
Let me die to myself, that I may serve you;
let me live to you, who in yourself are the true life. Amen.

+ CLOSING SONG: "Within the Day-to-Day," TFWS 2245

Sisters and brothers, we are not dismissed.
We are not just free to go.
Christ sends us!
Go in the power of the spirit to love and serve the Lord.
Go to help and heal in all you do.
Thanks be to God! Amen.

• •••


Hymns by women:

  • "Come and Find the Quiet Center," text by Shirley Erena Murray
  • "Seek Ye First," words and music by Karen Lafferty
  • "Lead Me, Guide Me," words and music by Doris Akers
  • "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus," words and music by Helen Lemmel
  • "Savior, Like a Shepherd," attr. to Dorothy Thrupp
  • "Give Me a Clean Heart," words and music by Margaret Douroux
  • "I Love You, Lord," words and music by Laurie Klein
  • "Sweet, Sweet Spirit," words and music by Doris Akers
  • "If Thou but Suffer God to Guide Thee," trans. by Catherine Winkworth
  • "In His Time," words and music by Diane Ball
  • "Within the Day to Day," music by Jane Marshall

The Call to Worship is from United Methodist Clergywomen's Consultation Resource Book, p.61. Source: The United Methodist Book of Worship, p. 473.

Readings are by Jeanne Guyon (1648-1717), French mystic, teacher, counselor, and author. John Wesley wrote of her, "I know not whether we may not search many centuries to find another woman who was such a pattern of true holiness." Source: Under Her Wings: Spiritual Guidance from Women Saintsby Kathy Bence. Nashville: Upper Room Books, 2001.

The Closing Prayer is adapted from Teresa of Avila, Spain, 16th century. Source: The United Methodist Hymnal, 403.

The Sending Forth is used with permission from Worship & Daily Life: A Resource for Worship Planners. Copyright © 1999 Discipleship Resources, Nashville TN.

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