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September 11, 2011, Resources

Great List of Video, Preaching, and Music Resources for 9/11 at Textweek.com

UCC Order of Worship and Resources for Remembering 9/11

UMC (Discipleship Ministries) Service of Remembrance for September 11

UMC Specific Resource Lists for Remembering 9/11

UCC September 11 General Resource Page

UCC September11 Anniversary Worship Resources Page

Dan Benedict's great Worship Order and Ideas for 9/11 Anniversary Service of Healing
(Not new; he wrote them many years ago, but very good stuff here)

Great Preaching ideas from Safiyah Fosua for 9/11/11

Film and Books Appropriate to 9/11 Anniversary Study or Discussion

More General Ideas for Worship & Ritual

A Litany from the Grief of the Nations -- Native American Litany of Grief for 9/11

UMC (Discipleship Ministries) General Resources for Times of Terrorism and Violence
(You can also find other general resources for times of crisis on the Discipleship Ministries site.)

Hymns Written for 9/11 Anniversary

General Ideas for Worship on 9/11/11

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