Season of Saints 2017 — Series Overview

Season After Pentecost VI | Fall 2017 Worship Series

Season of Saints Worship Series


This year, rather than holding a Season of Saints as lead-in to All Saints, we’re following the lectionary readings to support a Season of Saints that starts with All Saints and culminates with Christ the King.

This series could also be used to support Extended or Early Advent, starting with All Saints and using A Season of Saints resources during November. 


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Here are the themes and Scriptures for this year’s series:

All Saints Sunday: Clothing of the Saints »

November 5   |  Revelation 7:9-17
This service kicks off the series in conversation with the Epistle reading for All Saints and Charles Wesley’s paraphrase of that reading in his hymn “What Are These Arrayed in White?” What they are and what they wear are clues for what God longs for all of us to become: beloved saints-- and what it takes for us to become them.

Stories of the Saints »

November 12  |  Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-25
What is the primary distinguishing mark of the stories saints tell? They are stories of deliverance, stories of salvation, and never stories merely of personal or family accomplishment. How will God help you tell your story the way the saints do?

Thanksgiving of the Saints »

November 19  |  Deuteronomy 8:7-18 (also Deuteronomy 26)
What is Thanksgiving Day like where you are? More importantly, how shaped by Thanksgiving, and in particular the Great Thanksgiving, the thanksgiving of the saints, is your life? How might a life of thanksgiving for God’s mighty acts of salvation, unfolding from day to day, give you strength to tell the story of the saints and wear the clothing of the saints with confidence and joy?

Christ the King, Shepherd of the Saints »

November 26  |  Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24 (also Matthew 25:31-46)       
So far, we’ve talked mostly about ourselves as saints or potential saints. Today, at the end of one church year and the cusp of the next, we speak and sing primarily of the one around whom the universe itself pivots, Christ the King, Shepherd of the saints.  Christ, our Shepherd-King gathers and makes saints from the most marginalized, damaged, abused, abandoned people on earth, leading the saints to eternal life now and in the new creation. 


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