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Season After Pentecost IV | Fall 2017 Worship Series

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The Season of Creation is an ecumenical observance during the month of September begun by a Lutheran pastor in Australia in 2000 and expanded and spread worldwide with the support of the Uniting Church in Australia beginning in 2004. The idea was to create a season, a period of at least four weeks, leading up to the observance of St. Francis Day, October 4, a time often observed with a blessing of the animals. The “official” Season of Creation website, created by this initial team and expanded in scope since that time, is a treasure trove of resources for churches worldwide wishing to focus on this observance each year. If you are not trying to follow the lectionary, this is a great place to start.

If you follow the lectionary, however, start here! We’ve been supporting the observance of this season with lectionary based resources since 2012.

For 2017, we’re following the readings in Exodus as these are the most consistently replete with images from creation. We’re also illustrating each with selections from St. Francis’s “Praise of the Creatures” (or “Canticle of the Sun”), and William Draper’s paraphrase with Ralph Vaughn Williams’s musical setting of it in the hymn “All Creatures of Our God and King” (UMH 62) based upon it. 


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Those will be added to the website.

September 3  —  Fire »

Labor Day Weekend // Exodus 3:1-15 
Praise of the Creatures, st. 7
All Creatures of Our God and King, st. 3

September 10 — Death »

Exodus 12:1-14
Praise of the Creatures, st. 11
All Creatures of Our God and King, st. 6

September 17 — Wind, Sky, and Sea »

Exodus 14:19-31
Praise of the Creatures, st. 5-6
All Creatures of Our God and King, st. 2-3

September 24 — Food »

Exodus 16:2-15
Praise of the Creatures, st. 8
All Creatures of Our God and King, st. 4

We will also provide a brief service for the Blessing of God’s Creatures which you may use on St. Francis Day (October 4), World Communion Sunday (October 1), or on another occasion. 


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