Scouting Sunday (formerly Boy Scout Sunday) is observed on the second Sunday in February. An alternative Scouting Sunday (formerly Girl Scout Sunday) is observed on the second Sunday in March. The Commission on United Methodist Men, which officially sponsors all scouting programs in The United Methodist Church, suggests observing this day during February because it usually does not conflict with Lent. In years when the second Sunday of February and March both fall during Lent you may wish to observe a Scouting Sunday at a different time, either during Ordinary Time (before Transfiguration) or during Easter Season (after Easter Day, before Pentecost).

Scouting Sunday offers an excellent opportunity for the local congregation to recognize the Scouting program, the Scouts, and their leaders as an integral and intentional part of the Church's ministry. Use Scout members as ushers, acolytes, worship leaders, and musicians.

Suggested Hymns from UMH

413 A Charge to Keep I Have 150 God, Who Stretched the Spangled Heavens
601 Thy Word Is a Lamp


O God, your will is that all your children should grow into fullness of life.
We lift to you the ministry of scouting.
We offer you thanks for camping,
to teach us that the world is our great home;
for study and work, to build character;
for service, to see our responsibility to those in need;
for encouragement in genuine patriotism and vital faith.
Bless the work of scouting, in this place and around the world,
that, through its efforts, the young may, like our Lord,
increase in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with you and all people.


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