Sample Covenant #3

Knowing that Jesus Christ died that I might have eternal life, I herewith pledge myself to be his disciple, witnessing to his saving grace, and seeking to follow his teachings under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I faithfully pledge my time, my skills, my resources, and my strength, to search out God’s will for me, and to obey.

Acts of Compassion

  • I will prayerfully care for my body and for the world in which I live.
  • I will invite and/or distribute bulletins/literature to those who are in need of a church home/community.

Acts of Justice

  • When I am aware of injustice to others, I will not remain silent.
  • I will support the food pantry mission.
  • I will spend time each month to further the cause of the disadvantaged in my community.
  • We will provide encouragement and tools to assist others in their educational goals.

Acts of Devotion

  • I will read and study the scriptures each day.
  • I will spend 30 minutes/day devoting myself to God through prayer, personal study and other acts.

Acts of Worship

  • I will be faithful in attendance and participate in worship each Sunday including alter prayer.
  • I will support the church financially to the best of my ability.
  • I will receive Holy Communion each month.


I will try to live each day in the knowledge that God’s spirit is within me and available to me.


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