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Safe Sanctuaries Video: Living into the Covenant

Living into the Covenant of Safe Sanctuaries® is vital in creating healthy boundaries and accountability in our congregations. How does Living into the Covenant work to protect those who are most vulnerable from abuse? This short video will introduce this aspect of Safe Sanctuaries®, opening up conversation for small groups, during training, and in congregational gatherings.


Safe Sanctuaries® is a “social structure that is consistent with the gospel” (¶122) allowing our sanctuaries, classrooms, mission encounters, camps and retreats, and all spaces where we gather to worship and serve God to be places of trust. These videos may be used as a series to introduce the more difficult aspects of Safe Sanctuaries®, individually to open up conversations in small groups or during training, and as a way to share information with the congregation as a reminder or in the midst of a crisis.

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