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Responding to Nuclear Testing

This litany of prayer combines President George W. Bush's address to the nation today (October 9, 2006) in response to North Korea's announcement that it had successfully tested a nuclear weapon with intercessions from the Christian community. You may wish to offer this as a special call to prayer, as part of your worship this coming Sunday (October 15), or share it via newsletters or e-mail. It may be best for a person other than the pastor to read the words of the President and for a deacon or lay leader to lead the people in their response. This prayer is intended to be prayed, not merely read. Be sure to invite people to pray as they can, in their hearts or with their voices, and allow time for silent and spoken prayers as indicated throughout. A Korean version of this litany is available as a PDF download here.

(silent and spoken prayer)

Nonetheless, such a claim itself constitutes a threat to international peace and security. The United States condemns this provocative act.

We pray for international peace, and we look for your mercy and judgment.

(silent and spoken prayer)

Once again North Korea has defied the will of the international community, and the international community will respond.

We pray especially for the leaders of China, South Korea, Russia, and Japan, with all who may be most immediately in harm's way.

(silent and spoken prayer)

This was confirmed this morning in conversations I had with leaders of China and South Korea, Russia and Japan. We reaffirmed our commitment to a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula. And all of us agreed that the proclaimed actions taken by North Korea are unacceptable and deserve an immediate response by the United Nations Security Council.

We pray for the United Nations Security Council, for prompt, wise, appropriate and effective response.

(silent and spoken prayer)

The North Korean regime remains one of the world's leading proliferators of missile technology, including transfers to Iran and Syria.

We pray for all nations and peoples everywhere who seek security through violence or the threat of violence. Deliver us all, O Lord!

(silent and spoken prayer)

The transfer of nuclear weapons or material by North Korea to states or non-state entities would be considered a grave threat to the United States, and we would hold North Korea fully accountable for the consequences of such action.

We pray for terrorists and all who wish us harm. Protect us and all people. May all know and see the power and security found in your redeeming love.

(silent and spoken prayer)

The United States remains committed to diplomacy. And we will continue to protect ourselves and our interests.

We pray for all who seek the way of diplomacy, that they may be strengthened in their resolve and not lose heart.

(silent and spoken prayer)

I reaffirmed to our allies in the region, including South Korea and Japan, that the United States will meet the full range of our deterrent and security commitments.

We pray for integrity and truth in the leadership of our nation and all nations.

(silent and spoken prayer)

Threats will not lead to a brighter future for the North Korean people, nor weaken the resolve of the United States and our allies to achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Give us all courage to work for peace and stability.

(silent and spoken prayer)

Today's claim by North Korea serves only to raise tensions, while depriving the North Korean people of the increased prosperity and better relations with the world offered by the implementation of the joint statement of the six-party talks.

Free us all, and especially those who work to respond to this new threat, from the debilitating power of anxiety and fear.

(silent and spoken prayer)

The oppressed and impoverished people of North Korea deserve that brighter future.

Open our eyes to the oppression and poverty of the North Korean people, and show us ways to declare and embody the liberation and wholeness of life you desire for them and all peoples.

(silent and spoken prayer)

Thank you.

Holy God, Holy Compassionate One, we thank you that your perfect love casts out fear. Transform us by your love and embolden us to witness to it always and everywhere, no matter the personal cost.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, who taught us to pray:



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