Remembering the Dream

Prayers of Remembrance

We give you thanks, Holy God, for the saints who have borne witness to your Word throughout the ages. We give special thanks for your servant Martin Luther King, Jr., who responded to your voice to serve and gave his life for the cause of love and justice in our land. May we too respond with the depth of commitment that will enable us to give of ourselves in full measure, even to the point of death. May the Holy Spirit guide and direct us, we pray, that we too might feel the call to serve your people. May we not tire of doing good in the face of wrong and evil. May we continue to work for a nation marked by justice, love, and fellowship as only you can create. Inspire our hearts, strengthen our wills, build up our resolve that we too might become worthy of the heritage that has been given to us in the witness of Martin Luther King, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Litany of Confession

Empower us with gifts and desire, gracious God, to minister with your people.
Bless and guide us, O Lord.

Lord, we often boast that we are "one people under God," yet we are divided by strife and factions, the sin of disunity spreading among us like a disease.
We are unable to measure up to our standards, much less to yours.
Forgive us, Lord.

Cleanse us and make us whole. Renew our minds and motives so that we might be your people, acceptable in your sight.
We seek your guidance, Lord.

The tensions and differences of race, traditions, culture, creed, and language consume us.
Come among us, O God, and free us to live creatively, worship openly, and love unconditionally.
Forgive our arrogance, Lord.

Help us to remember that to bear the good news to others means to first live the good news among ourselves.
We seek boldness, Lord.

Remind us that we are dependent on one another.
Show us we are to be concerned for all people.
Teach us to love one another.
Teach us the joy of sharing, Lord.

We ask for power, guidance, and direction as your people on a Holy mission.
As the community of faith, may we be faithful to the call to spread godly love, care, and concern to all people.
Give us a loving heart and willing spirit, Lord. Amen.

The Dream That Never Ends

Come, let us slay the dreamer and see what becomes of his dream!
The dream has no end, so, if they slay the dreamer others will keep dreaming!

The dream Martin dreamed is a never-ending dream;
it is cottoned to the souls of Black folks.
The dream has no end; so if they slay the dreamer, others will keep dreaming.

It is a dream about a place where one is judged by the content of one's character and not the color of his or her skin.
The dream has no end. So if they slay the dreamer, others will keep dreaming.

It is a dream of a nation where the necessities of life are a right, and no one goes without.
The dream has no end. So if they slay the dreamer, others will keep dreaming.

It is a dream of a nation where the earth's gifts and resources are not just for a special few, but all God has given us is held in sacred trust for all the peoples of the world.
The dream has no end. So if they slay the dreamer, others will keep dreaming.

It is a sacred dream, when fulfilled, we call all people out of the bleak and destitute midnight of racism and hatred, into the bright and glowing daybreak of freedom and justice for all.

Lord, your servant Martin died for a never-ending dream.
May we renew our commitment to the dream.
Though they slay the dreamer, the dream lives on in us and our children. Amen.

Eugene Blair is a clergy member of the Detroit Annual Conference, where he had served as the Director of the Office of African American Spiritual Formation. Dr. Blair is a former Dean of the Upper Room Chapel.