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Ray Of Hope For Those Oppressed (Sojourner Truth)

Recommended Tune: Germany (LM), attributed to Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Gardiner's Sacred Melodies (1815)

A ray of hope for those oppressed,
Sojourner Truth we now applaud.
With strength sustained by her deep faith
she showed to all the love of God.

Her Lord was with her in distress
when she must leave those she held dear.
When suffering left her beaten, bruised,
she prayed that aid would soon draw near.

Hearing a voice say: "Travel on,"
as Moses heard God speak through flame,
rising from bondage she asked God
to furnish her a worthy name.

She seized her freedom long denied,
and preached respect an equal right
for those enslaved by wrongful laws.
She was a light in their dark night.

Through bitter war the slaves were freed,
yet the last battle was not won.
The women still must gain the vote.
She helped them trust it could be done.

God, we now pray for renewed wills
to carry on her legacy.
You are the Truth who gives us power
to work to set all people free!

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