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Prayer for the People of Japan

Terrible times!
God of Ages and Generations,
Be with neighbors across the globe,
While it looks like the world is caving in upon itself
And there is nowhere to hide.

Be with Japan
When the aftershocks come without warning
Making mini-missiles of once-harmless things
And any glass that remained falls to join the shards on the ground.

Be with the people of Japan who just suffered one of the worst earthquakes recorded
With the people of Japan and Hawaii and points in between who ran in terror for high ground.
Be with worried relatives and people digging with their hands
As we watch our neighbors search for survivors yet again -- so soon!

Let what we see with our eyes
Move our hearts to compassion,
Our lips to prayer
Our hands to generosity in this time of great need.

Be with us all, O God,
While the earth quakes its discomfort
And mirrors our yearning for your return.
Wrap your arms around Japanese, Chileans,
Asians and Haitians,
People in danger everywhere
People right here.
Remind all of us of your promises
Never to leave us
That we are not forsaken
That our names are carved in the palm of your hand
That we are your beloved.

The earth is quaking.
Things familiar are falling to the ground.
God, be with us all in these
Terrible times! Amen.