Prayer for Men for Father’s Day

A 21st Century Liturgy Resource
by The Rev. Nathan Decker

(Written for Father's Day 2008. Originally posted on Facebook)

O Lord Our Heavenly Father:
You, who adopt orphan children and care for the widows;
You stand at the door staring at the horizon,
desiring that your prodigal children come home.
Bless fathers and men everywhere this day
that the orphans may have role models,
that the widows may be provided what they need,
that the future men may see Christ reflected in the love
of piggy-back rides and hard-learned lessons
Through Christ and the Spirit to the Father, Amen.


The Rev. Nathan Decker is the pastor of the Cheriton Charge on the Eastern Shore District and a clergy member of the Virginia Annual Conference. His great love is the diversity and inspiration of God's creative nature in worship.

"Prayer for Men" written for Father's Day 2008, Copyright © 2008 Nathan Decker. All Rights Reserved. Posted with permission on the Discipleship Ministries Worship website.

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