Pratt, Andrew

Andrew Pratt Andrew Pratt was born in Paignton, Devon, England in 1948. For his first degree he studied Zoology (B.Sc. Hons., London) before going to the University College of North Wales in Bangor. Andrew obtained a M.Sc. in Marine Biology which was partly dependent on a thesis on the Effects of sympathomimetic drugs on the rectum of Pleuronectes platessa (effects of drugs on the guts of the plaice). From here he went to St Luke’s College, Exeter, since absorbed into Exeter University, to study for a PGCE.

Andrew taught in Essex, Wrexham, and Liverpool together with some brief spells of supply teaching since entering the ministry. Subjects have ranged through biology, chemistry, religious studies, swimming, personal and social education, and health education.

During his M.Sc., he began to foster a belief in God. He became a member of the Methodist Church in Exeter. Moving to Essex he saw little of the church as both his parents died in a space of a year and he was away seeing them at weekends. In Wrexham (Gresford) he sensed a call to the ministry and in 1979 went for theological training at the Queen’s (Ecumenical) College in Birmingham. He was there for three years, partly doing a post graduate Diploma in Theology at Birmingham University and partly doing ministerial training. It was here that Andrew began to write hymns as a means of exploring theology. He had already written poems (mainly for private consumption!) one of which was published in a college magazine at St Luke’s in 1972.

Since leaving Birmingham, Andrew has been stationed in Northwich, Nantwich, Leigh and Hindley, and Orrell and Lamberhead Green (near Wigan). While in Nantwich he began to achieve publication of his texts, firstly in Hymns of the City and then, under the guidance and constructive criticism of Bernard Braley, with some regularity in Hymns and Congregational Songs. Andrew was asked to be part of the groups that edited Story SongBig Blue Planet and Sound Bytes. He has been regularly published in Worship Live and has had articles, hymns and reviews published in the The Hymn, The Bulletin of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland(of which has been the Editor since 2004) Theological Book ReviewWriters NewsWriting Magazine, the Methodist RecorderReform and Crucible. For some time he broadcast regularly on BBC Radio Merseyside. From 2004 he was a member of the Music Resource Group appointed to compile Singing the Faith, convening the words group until its dissolution in 2009 when he resigned.

Blinded by the Dazzle, his first hymn collection, was published in 1997 by Stainer & Bell. Further collections, Whatever Name or Creed, Reclaiming Praise and More than Words were subsequently produced. Over a period of three years, with Marjorie Dobson, he wrote material for the Revised Common Lectionary which was published on HymnQuest includes over 1400 of his hymn texts.

He is a Non-Executive Director of Stainer & Bell Ltd., and was instrumental in their establishing a web site ( carrying contemporary hymn texts which could be downloaded for local use. He is Chair of the Pratt Green Trust.

On two consecutive years Andrew entered the Pratt Green Essay Competition, achieving second and joint first prizes. This work acted as a springboard for his research in hymnody. In 1997 he gained a M.A in English from the University of Durham for his research into Frederick Faber’s Hymns on the Four Last Things. He has researched the origins of the Methodist Hymn Book (1933) for a Ph.D., at Liverpool Hope University College. A book based on this research, O for a thousand tongues – the Methodist Hymn Book (1933) in context was published by the Methodist Publishing House.

In 2004 he was appointed as a tutor and then Acting Principal at Hartley Victoria College (part of the Partnership for Theological Education in Manchester) to its closure in 2015. He continued as an Honorary Research Fellow with the Partnershp.

While there he wrote Net Gains (Methodist Publishing House) and Study Skills for Ministry (SCM). He has lectured and led workshops in the UK, USA, Finland, Poland, Ireland, and Germany.

He has written and contributed to many books relating to hymns and worship including Charles Wesley: Life, Literature and Legacy (2011, Epworth, edit., Ted Campbell, Kenneth G.C Newport), Why Weren't We Told? (2012, Polebridge Press, USA, R.A.E. Hunt)

Hymn, song, society (2014, Unigrafia Finland, edit Tapani Innanen, Veli-Matti Salminen), Methodism Abounding (2016, Church in the Market Place, edit., John Vincent), The Servant of God in Practice (2017, Deo, edit., J.W. Rogerson and John Vincent).

He has written a series of reflections on selected hymns of Charles Wesley (Inextinguishable Blaze) and co-written with Marjorie Dobson two books of worship resources, Poppies and Snowdrops and Nothing too religious (both Inspire, Methodist Publishing House). In 2017 with Jan Berry he edited and contributed to Hymns for Hope and Healing (Stainer & Bell Ltd).

He was one time Chair of the Methodist Peace Fellowship.

Contact Information:

Andrew Pratt
18 Broadacre
E-mail: [email protected] 


Hymns by Andrew Pratt on the Discipleship Ministries website:

  1. A Twisting Wind That Wreaks Such Devastation
  2. Abolition of the Slave Trade
  3. Best of All Is God Is With Us
  4. Beyond the Bounds of Galilee
  5. Carol for Christmas
  6. Christ Said Accept the Stranger
  7. Christmas Is Real - Christmas Hymn
  8. Confession Is Communion with God
  9. Doubt, Composed in Whispered Voices: An Easter Hymn
  10. Easter Joy
  11. Eternal Fury Fires the Saints
  12. Filled with Anger and Compassion
  13. Footprints Where Your People Tread
  14. God Is Dying with the Children
  15. God's Aim Is Love for All Who Live
  16. Great God of All Creation (Aurelia) - Harvest Hymn
  17. Great God of All Creation (Ellacombe) - Harvest Hymn
  18. Great God, the Power, the Force Behind Creation
  19. Great God, Your Love Has Held Our Lives: A Hymn of Healing and Remembrance for September 11
  20. Here Before the Mountains' Grandeur (Benjamin's Tune)
  21. Here Before the Mountains' Grandeur (Lauda Anima)
  22. Here In Joy We Offer Praises (Hymn To Joy)
  23. Here In Joy We Offer Praises (Lewis Folk Melody)
  24. Here in the Dryness and Dust of Our Climate
  25. Here Is Peace - Hymn in Celebration of Peace with Justice
  26. Here Where Dreams Are More Than Visions - Hymn for Black History Month
  27. Herod Waiting, Herod Watching
  28. Homes That Once Held Joy and Laughter - Hymn after Hurricane Katrina
  29. Hopeless to Help in This Violence
  30. If God Created All We See (Kleinheksel Sr.)
  31. If God Created All We See (Walker's Southern Harmony)
  32. If We Claim to Love Our Neighbor
  33. If We Had Heard and Understood
  34. In Every Face We See the Pain
  35. In the Heat of Summer Sunshine
  36. Is This The Judgement Of A God?
  37. It Seems Inhuman, Who Could Kill
  38. Mingled Tears Of Memory (Hinsdale)
  39. Mingled Tears Of Memory (Morning Song)
  40. Much Brighter than a Thousand Suns
  41. On Friday, When the Sky Was Dark (Kleinheksel)
  42. On Friday, When the Sky Was Dark (St. Magnus)
  43. Perfect Law We Fail to Keep - New Covenant Hymn
  44. People of a Rainbow Nation
  45. Quaking Ground, the Moving Earth
  46. Seeing Death and Desecration
  47. Sometimes We Feel Such Utter Loss (Maryton)
  48. Sometimes We Feel Such Utter Loss (Red Bank)
  49. Sound the Song of Love
  50. Southern Hemisphere Christmas Hymns
  51. Spilling Sunshine, Love and Laughter - An Easter Hymn
  52. The Challenge of Migration
  53. The Witnesses Are Watching
  54. There Are No Strangers To God's Love
  55. Tsunami Hymns
  56. Upturned World, the Bankers Humbled
  57. Undercurrent Breaks Our Grip - Tsunami Hymn
  58. We Cannot Be Dismissive (Llangloffan) - Response to the War in Iraq
  59. We Cannot Be Dismissive (Timber Lake) - Response to the War in Iraq
  60. We Cannot Gloat: A Time for Grief — A hymn composed on the occasion of the death of Osama bin Laden
  61. We Come to You, O God, As Friends - for World Aids Day and All Who Suffer
  62. We Once Acclaimed Your Name As "Love"
  63. We Should Not Live Through This Without a Protest - Wake of Middle East Violence
  64. We Understand Tectonic Plates - Tsunami Hymn
  65. We Wring Our Hands in Hopelessness
  66. What Better Way to Spend the Night (Christmas Hymn)
  67. What Do We Do? How Can We Cope?
  68. When a Leader, Feared or Followed
  69. When Every Source of Hope Is Torn (Melita)
  70. When Every Source of Hope Is Torn (Revere)
  71. Why Put Our Faith in Transient Things


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