Praise Rebecca, Our Foremother

Based on Genesis 24:1-66; 25:20-34; 26:1-10, 34, 27:46; 28:1-16
Recommended Tune: Rustington by Hubert Parry (1897)
Meter: 87 87 D

Praise Rebecca, our foremother,
who had strength and beauty rare.
She was destined to wed Isaac
that they both God's promise share.
She left family, gladly traveled to reside in Haran's land.
She obeyed the servant's bidding
to secure this growing clan.

And at sunset Isaac saw her
as she came with camel train.
Joyfully he left his waiting ??
life would never be the same!
Their gaze met. They felt love's passion;
then they entered Sarah's tent.
There they married. He found comfort.
With their love they were content.

Isaac prayed for his Rebecca
who for years could not conceive.
Then at last the twins within her
left her desperate for relief.
God told her there were two nations,
separate people in her womb.
The elder would serve the younger
who would be by power consumed.

Thus Rebecca saw her purpose
to ensure that Jacob lead.
But since Isaac favored Esau
she planned him to be deceived.
Jacob wore the clothes of Esau;
said he was the first-born son.
Isaac blessed him. Later Esau
vowed to clear the evil done.

To preserve the promised lineage
God revealed to her a plan.
She urged Jacob to leave Canaan,
find a wife in Haran's land.
May we all now take such courage
in our time to boldly be
those who carry out God's purpose
and fulfill our destiny.

Edith Sinclair Downing's photo, biography, contact information and links to additional songs and choral music are available on the Discipleship Ministries website.

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