Observed on Trinity Sunday (the First Sunday after Pentecost), this day witnesses to our Triune God's call for a faithful, just, and peaceful world.


Suggested Hymns and Prayers from UMH


425–50      Social Holiness

107 La Palabara Del Señor Es Recta (Righteous and Just Is the Word of the Lord)

949     Hymns listed under Peace


456     For Courage to do Justice





From self–righteousness that will not compromise,
   and from selfishness that gains by the oppression of others,
O Lord, deliver us. See also   United Methodist Book of Worship, Hymn 195.

From the lust for money or power that drives to kill, R

From trusting in the weapons of war,
   and mistrusting the councils of peace, R

From hearing, believing, and speaking lies about other nations, R

From suspicions and fears that stand in the way of reconciliation, R

From words and deeds that encourage discord, prejudice, and hatred;
from everything that prevents us from fulfilling your promise of peace, R
                                                           (U.S.A., 20TH CENT., ALT.)


See also United Methodist Book of Worship 495, 511, 513, 515–21, 526–27.

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Copyright: Prayer Copyright © 1992 UMPH. Note: The introduction to Peace with Justice Sunday was re-written, 2013, by Discipleship Ministries because of copyright issues with the version printed in The United Methodist Book of Worship.

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