On the Road

Topical Series
by Sarah McGiverin

This year, the gospel text for the eighth Sunday after Pentecost is the parable of the Good Samaritan. This story is a perennial beloved favorite, familiar even to those who don't identify as Christians. (For more Lectionary Planning Helps for this and other Sundays, go here.)

Summer Sundays mean there will be new faces at your services. Whether it's your families bringing out-of-town visitors or new residents searching for a church home before the school year begins, it's the perfect time to tell a familiar story in a new way!

We all know who we are supposed to identify with in this parable: the Samaritan. 

Jesus tells his questioner, “go and do likewise.” But we're not yet perfect. Who among us always shows mercy to strangers or enemies? Sometimes we're strong, but many other times we're weak. Sometimes we're brave while at other times we're self-serving. Even as we waver, God’s love is unchanging. We will always be God’s beloved children.

In this four-part On the Road study, we look at this familiar parable from the point of view of the other characters.

When in our lives have we been the injured man, the thieves, the holy people and the innkeeper? And what can we learn about self, our relationship with God and with each others when we confess we're not always the Good Samaritan?

Read each of the posts:

The Cry of the Needy

While We Were Yet Sinners

We Have Not Loved

Joyful Obedience

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