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Offertory Prayers and Invitation for December 2015

Each month’s Offertory Prayers includes an “Invitation to the Offering” (see below) along with a digital image for those who might want to use it. We hope you will find this a helpful way to remind the people in your pews that their offering travels to many places to make a powerful difference in the lives of people they may never meet. You can find great stories of the difference our giving makes at http://umcgiving.org

Invitation to the Offering

Military Chaplain - UMNS photo by Jay MalinThe offering you made last week empowered ministry within our congregation and in response to the needs of our community. It also helped support the work of ministries beyond the local church that reach people who are in desperate need to hear the good news of love and redemption. You’ve supported the work of military chaplains serving in the U.S. and deployed around the world, who are approved, supported, and connected to the larger church though the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM). They offer a crucial connection to faith for people who serve in our armed forces. This ministry happens thanks to the generous support of United Methodists like you. I invite you once again to give generously as we worship God through the sharing of our gifts, tithes, and offering.

Learn more about the work and impact of chaplains endorsed by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry at:

December 6, 2015 – Second Sunday of Advent

Holy God, you are the only One who can purify us and make us whole. Through the righteousness of Christ, you restore us. We trust that you are working in our hearts and minds to renew us by the power of your Holy Spirit. As we present our offerings, we ask that our efforts may be pleasing in your sight. By your grace, bring forth a harvest of righteousness in our lives and our communities. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. (Malachi 3:1-4, Philippians 1:3-11)

December 13, 2015 – Third Sunday of Advent

Generous God, we thank you for bringing us to this season of faith, hope, and love. As we look at our lives, we see evidence of the countless ways that you have provided for our needs. Let gratitude well up in our hearts and overflow in generosity to others. Draw us outward to see ways that we can joyfully share what you have given. Let our acts of kindness as a church bear good fruit in the world. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. (Luke 3:7-18)

December 20, 2015 – Fourth Sunday of Advent

Faithful God, you astound us with your miracles! We rejoice that you sent your Son Jesus to bring light and salvation. We are grateful for your great wisdom and love in your actions toward humankind. Help us to be more like Mary, believing your Word and trusting in the fulfillment of your promises. We dedicate our tithes and offerings for the mission of this church, so that more people will find hope in waiting on Jesus the Christ. Amen. (Luke 1:46b-55)

December 27, 2015 – First Sunday after Christmas

Gracious God, we praise you for the greatest gift, salvation in your Son Jesus. In him, we find deep and abiding joy. As we dedicate our offerings, we devote ourselves to your service. Help us to live faithfully, growing in wisdom in the light of the miracle of Christmas. Thank you for giving us opportunities to bring tidings of joy to our neighbors through the ministries of this congregation. Amen. (Colossians 3:12-17, Luke 2:41-52)