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Musical Prayer of Great Thanksgiving for Ordinary Time

By Nickolas Campbell

Nickolas Campbell, pastor of Nelson Memorial United Methodist Church in Boonville, Missouri (email address, has arranged this all-musical setting of the Great Thanksgiving for Ordinary Time. It incorporates the music of familiar hymn tunes. Musical versions for melody-only and complete accompaniment, both with words, are provided in pdf, with page numbers from The United Methodist Hymnal in parentheses. Ordinary Time includes the two periods of the liturgical year between Baptism of the Lord and the day before Ash Wednesday and the time between the Monday after Pentecost and the Saturday before the First Sunday of Advent.

"Musical Great Thanksgiving for Ordinary Time" (Presider, Melody) [pdf]

Musical Great Thanksgiving for Ordinary Time" (Accompaniment) [pdf]


  • The Lord be with you (ITALIAN HYMN, UMH 61)
  • It is a good and joyful thing (DIX, UMH 92)
  • A form revealing God (TERRA BEATA, UMH 111)
  • And so, your people on earth (O HOW I LOVE JESUS, UMH 170)
  • Holy are you, O God (ST. ELIZABETH, UMH 189)
  • Jesus took the bread and blessed it (GALILEE, UMH 398)
  • So in remembrance of Jesus (STORIES OF JESUS, UMH 277)
  • Pour out your Spirit on us here (ST. ANNE, UMH 117)

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