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Are you ready to multiply your healthy ministry?

The final destination in the church planting process isn't really a destination at all. It's a place of starting anew. Path 1 encourages healthy new and established congregations to multiply their ministry for maximum effectiveness.

A multiplying movement of churches planting new churches was quite the norm for first century congregations we read about in the Book of Acts. Even today there is no better way to reach more people – more young people, more diverse people – in our communities than to plant a new congregation.

Path 1 recommends a process of discernment for all prospective partner churches, so if they choose to plant a new church, they will do so well prepared and ready to build something that will be viable, sustaining and equipped to multiply. This section of path1.org introduces you to some important tools in the multiplication process:

As you consider your readiness to multiply your healthy ministry, you may also want to explore potential planting strategies in greater depth, using this resource.

The new "ARE YOU READY?" resource outlines the multiplication discernment process, guides prospective partners through key questions, and introduces several possible planting strategies.

The web-based Readiness 360, a tool allows a congregation to gain a comprehensive sense of its strengths as well as those areas that need improvement in order to be a successful partner in planting a new church.

For additional information about partner churches and planting strategies, please contact us.

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