Mission Pilgrimage to Korea

Mission Pilgrimage to Korea


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An Experience in Spirituality and Leadership
Sponsored by Discipleship Ministries in Nashville TN and Bupyeong Methodist Church in Incheon, Korea.



The Mission Pilgrimage to Korea is designed for the active clergy and laity of The United Methodist Church to experience the missions planted by American missionaries a century ago in Korea, as well as spiritual richness and prayer as the foundation of personal and collective spiritual renewal.

This pilgrimage will explore:
  • how American missionaries planted seeds for the growing Korean churches
  • how the spiritual awakening and prayer movement started in Korea
  • how the Korean Christianity has influenced the community and society
  • what are new challenges and drives for global missions.

2018 Mission Pilgrimage to Korea

April 18-25, 2018

The 2018 Mission Pilgrimage to Korea will take place in Incheon, South Korea, where Henry Appenzeller, the first Methodist missionary to Korea, arrived on Easter Sunday in 1885. The participants will visit the places where missions started, schools and hospitals built, and peoples have gathered into the churches as well as the places missions continue. You will also experience cultures and dynamics of new and old in Korea, and you will visit one of the unification observatories between the borders of South and North.

The registration fee for The Mission Pilgrimage to Korea 2018 is $300.00

Room and board, transportation, and meals are provided by the Bupyeong Methodist Church in Incheon, Korea.

Participants will be responsible for the cost of airfare, travel insurance, and personal expenses.

Participation is limited to 25 clergy and lay persons on a first-come, first-served basis.


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