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Ministries with Young People Guidelines 2017-2020 Cover

You have been called to ministry with young people—those journeying through adolescence and those emerging from their teenage years to find themselves navigating the unpredictable and full-of-firsts years of their twenties and thirties. This sacred and exciting leadership role comes with dozens of challenges to be addressed, countless opportunities to touch lives, and a myriad of blessings that you might never anticipate. Your position as a leader with young people is the basis for building relationships and leading by example. This Guidelines booklet, formerly called Young Peoples Ministries, covers an introduction to the ministry of a youth or young adult coordinator and is designed to help implement and guide the work of the ministry area.These additional resources are referenced in the booklet. 

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Generational Research

[Guidelines, page 17]
Today’s young adults are members of the millennial generation, those born after 1980.

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Young People's Mission Opportunities

[Guidelines, page 21]
Both Discipleship Ministries and the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church have developed websites that feature many mission opportunities as a resource for youth and young adults.

Youth Service Fund

[Guidelines, page 22]
The Youth Service Fund (YSF) is part of Young People’s Ministries, and it gives youth the opportunity to give money and time to projects that they design, lead, and implement. 

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Evaluation Tool

[Guidelines, page 34]
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Division of Ministry with Young People, Discipleship Ministries:

UMConnector, Portal for general church ministry resources for youth and young adults:

The Youth Worker Movement connects U.S. United Methodist youth workers.