Mary The Favored One

(For 4 Readers)

Reader One: Many years ago, and far, far away there was a girl named Mary.
Reader Two: There was a girl named Mary!
Reader Three: Her name was Mary!
Reader Four: Mary!

Reader One: She loved the Lord and obeyed God's voice.
Reader Two: She was a virgin!
Reader Three: An unmarried girl!
Reader Four: A virgin!

Reader One: Mary was engaged to Joseph.
Reader Two: He was a man of honor!
Reader Three: A good man!
Reader Four: A man of honor!

Reader One: An Angel said to Mary, "You've found favor with God."
Readers Two, Three, & Four: You've found favor with God!
Reader Three: Favor!
Reader Four: Favor!

Reader One: You will bear a son and will call him Jesus.
Readers Two, Three, && Four: Call him Jesus! Call him Jesus!
All Readers: Jesus!

Reader One: He'll be the Son of God and will reign forever.
Reader Two: Will reign forever!
Reader Three: Reign forever!
Reader Four: Forever!

Reader One: Mary said, "How can this be since I'm still a virgin?"
Reader Two: I am a virgin!
Reader Three: Still a virgin!
Reader Four: A virgin!

Reader One: The Holy Ghost will come upon you and the child will be Holy.
Readers Two & Three: The child will be Holy!
Reader Four: Will be Holy!
All readers: Holy!

Reader One: Mary said, "Here am I,"
Reader Two: "Let it be with me!"
Readers One, Two, & Three: Let it be! Let it be!
Reader Four: With me!

The Rev. Ruth Williams is an ordained Local Deacon with the African Methodist Episcopal Church and a member of Kairos Community AME Church, Nashville, Tennessee. Her educational background includes a BS in Journalism and an EdM in Secondary and Continuing Education from the University of Illinois, Champaign, Urbana, Illinois, and a M.Div. from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee.