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Marriage and Family Ministry Resources Recommended by United Methodists

The 2001 revision of the Growing Love in Christian Marriage Pastor's Manual provides an extensive annotated list of supplementary resources for marriage and family ministries. Since the publication of that manual, many new books, videos, and program materials have become available, and we have also discovered other materials of which we were not previously aware.

This document provides descriptions and contact information for some new Marriage and Family Ministry Resources, along with updated information for those listed in the GLCM Pastors' Manual that are still in print. While most of these materials are biblically-based and use religious language, others, while clearly compatible with Christian teaching, use primarily secular language. These work well for outreach to other faith groups and non-churched people in your community, as well as for members of your church family less comfortable with overtly religious language. Leaders can also add appropriate Scripture and devotional material as desired.


Contact information and websites are correct as of today. We will post updates and corrections as we become aware of them and continue to review materials that are not already on this list. Please call to our attention anything you see that needs updating and also advise us of other materials you would recommend for our next update.

Because some resources may be suitable for more than one of the categories below, you may want to consider the entire list, not just specific sections. We hope you will find reading the reviews educational and informative!