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Lord, Let It Be Your Good Pleasure

(A hymn based on Wesley’s Friday prayers)
Words by Nickolas Campbell, 2014
Music: tune SCHMÜCKE DICH by Johann Crüger, 1653
TOPICS: Good Friday; Lent; discipleship; peace; grace; wisdom; forgiveness

United Methodist pastor and hymn writer Nickolas Campbell has written this hymn based on a section from John Wesley's prayers to be used on Fridays. In Wesley's prayers, every Friday remembers Good Friday, so this hymn is also appropriate for a Good Friday service.

"Lord, Let It Be Your Good Pleasure" (Sibelius)

"Lord, Let It Be Your Good Pleasure" -- (pdf)

Categories: Hymns, Topical Music, - General -, Lent/Holy Week, Discipleship, Forgiveness, Grace, Wesley Hymns, Music for Lent and Easter