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Local Church Discipler/Educator Professional Development

Have you been hired by your own or nearby local church? Have you hired a new staff person from within the congregation? These professional development modules are designed to provide an excellent resource to ensure that you, or your new staff person, get a sound foundation upon entering professional ministry.

The self-study portion requires that you have an accountability partner (someone who does not supervise you). In addition, there is a peer- (or other leader) led series of activities you are strongly encouraged to pursue. At the beginning of each module there is an overview of topics for study and at the end of each module is a list of suggestions for what to do or study at the next level.

There is very little cost. The study outlines are free; you only pay for whatever books you purchase. And, with a busy local church schedule, you can pursue your studies on your own time or as a natural part of your regular responsibilities.

You will find:

  • Two Implementation Guides: one for the local church Discipler/Educator and another for the local church / annual conference/ CEF chapter that sponsors the new staffperson
  • Six self-guided study modules

Conference Implementation Guide
This Implementation Guide will helpyou help your new staffperson to be equipped for excellence in ministry.

Local Church Discipler/Educator Implementation Guide
If you have been hired by a local church for ministry in Christian formation, education, and/or discipleship, this self-guided study course will provide you with a great foundation. The Implementation Guide describes the 6-module course, helps you work with your staff-parish relations committee, and tells you how to get started.

Module 1: My Call and Vocation
This module includes study and reflection activities on self-evaluation, call/ identity/ vocation, your own story, and self-care as a local church professional.

Module 2: God and the Bible
This module includes study and reflection activities on Christian theology, Old and New Testaments, and Bible resources and helps.

Module 3: Faith Formation and Christian Education
This module includes study and reflection activities on basic teaching and learning, tools for teaching, faith development, and teacher development.

Module 4: The United Methodist Church
This module includes study and reflection activities on United Methodist History 101, polity, church structure, and United Methodist distinctiveness.

Module 5: My Congregation and Context
This module includes study and reflection activities on your local church culture and context, asset identification, discipleship systems, family systems, and group dynamics.

Module 6: Administration and Leadership
This module includes study and reflection activities on creating a team, working with volunteers, working with SPRC and other staff, policies and procedures, budget, and adaptive leadership.

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