“Living into the Mystery” Video Available

New -- and for a limited time --Living into the Mystery (video) is available.


Living into the Mystery (video) is a compilation of the stories of the experience and meaning of Holy Communion from laity, seminarians, and clergy from diverse settings across the United States. Congregations included are Christ Deaf Church (Baltimore), Grace United Methodist Church (Manhattan), New Hope United Methodist Church (Anderson, IN) and Edgehill United Methodist Church (Nashville, TN). The video could be used in worship on World Communion Sunday or on other occasions where Holy Communion is especially highlighted, or in classroom or retreat settings where either This Holy Mystery or Living into the Mystery (PDF download) is being studied or discussed.

You may view the video and show it to your congregation or study group, or if you wish to have a copy on DVD, contact worship@UMCdiscipleship.org for details. We are asking $5 to cover our costs for media, shipping, and licensing for the copyrighted music in the video. You may send your payment (cash or check payable to Discipleship Ministries) to:
Discipleship Ministries
PO BOX 340003
Attn: Taylor Burton-Edwards

Nashville, TN 37203

Note: This version of the video is actually a "teaser" for a larger project Discipleship Ministries seeks funding to complete -- one that will include even greater diversity of contexts from across the United States and around the world and one that will not only offer testimonies but powerful visual examples of our liturgy celebrated with vitality and integrity.

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