Lift Us Up, O God

Lift us up, O God,
as you lifted the bent-over woman in the synagogue.
Deliver us from a lifetime of looking pessimistically at the floor
as though we had no hope in you,
as though you cared nothing for us.

Lift us up above the scowls of the critics
and their loudly broadcasted pronouncements about the present and our future.
We choose to believe that even on the bleakest day
you hold our families, our jobs
and everything about our future in your hands
and we are reminded that you love us --
like the Good Shepherd that cares for the sheep,
like one who lifts an infant to the cheek,
like Jesus when he saw the helpless crowds reaching out to touch him.

Hold our faces in your hands, O God.
Comfort us and help us to look beyond what we see today,
what we overheard yesterday,
and what we fear about tomorrow.
Lift us up, O God,
and give us the power to walk upright again. Amen.